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Clinical Waste Resources.

Useful links to clinical waste resources.

Below are a number of useful documents and resources relating to Clinical Waste that you may find useful.

Useful Resources

EA EWC Waste Codes Booklet

Additional Clinical Waste Guidance / HTM – 07 01

The Management of Clinical Waste Document

Waste Check Clinical Waste Downloads

Anatomical Waste – Red HA with Containers

Blue lidded Non Haz Meds to Incinerate

General waste Black Bags

Guide to Dental Waste Containers (single sheet)

Haz Healthcare Medicines for Incineration HY with containers

Infectious Healthcare Waste for incineration HL

Mixed sealed unit guide (Purple, Blue, Yellow x 4)

Mixed sealed unit guide

Non Haz Meds – Blue HP with containers

Orange Bags – Orange HT (Sharps & Bag Containers) JJ

Orange Bags – Orange HT (Sharps & Bag Containers)

Orange Bags – Orange HT 2

Orange Bags – Orange HT SHARPS

Orange Bags – Orange HT

Orange Clinical Waste Bag with internal bin and waste discription

Orange Lidded Sharps Container – England

Purple Lidded Sealed Container 18 01 08

Purple Lidded Sharps Container version 2

Purple Lidded Sharps Container

Red Lidded Sealed Container – HA

Sort and Seggerate 360 Ltr bin various waste types

Tiger Stripe Clinical Waste Bag with Internal Bin picture

Waste Segregation Poster – Orange bags, Domestic, Yellow Sharps, Battery Box & Red SU

Waste Segregation Poster Orange bags, Domestic Waste & Yellow lidded Sharps

Waste Segregation System (HL, HT, HI, HA, HS, HP, HY & clearblack domestic)

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