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Sunrise Senior Living.

Waste management for Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell Healthcare.

Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell Healthcare are high-end care home groups with locations all across the UK, providing specialist care to thousands of individuals. After being awarded the contract for all 53 sites, and any additional builds, Waste Check Ltd were tasked with visiting and auditing each site to meet the site contacts and check their waste requirements.

However, it wasn’t as simple as that, with many issues arising at each site in terms of the waste bins being used improperly and the lack of waste segregation. The waste bins were overflowing, including the clinical services, and it was evident that there were not enough collections by their current providers. Due to a lack of control over the providers, Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell Healthcare were inundated with waste which was also building up on the floor.

Sunrise Senior Living Waste Disposal - Waste Check

Due to these audits, Waste Check were able to advise each site on their recommended requirements and implement these suggestions. Each site were advised on the service frequency and bin count required for the amount of waste they produced. If service days were currently undesirable, Waste Check were able to advise on any possible day changes and implement these.

Bin sizes and types of waste collections were also altered, to ensure segregation was adhered to. As a result, Waste Check introduced food waste collections and provided each site with the option of using a 23L food caddy to safely transfer the food waste to the outside bins. Glass bins were also introduced to separate the large amount of glass bottle waste from the DMR and General waste. In addition, any bulky items were previously being disposed of in the euro bins, but are now being appropriately removed by a man and a van service, ensuring legislations are met.

The correct waste segregation, appropriate bin count and frequency of services now means that Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell Healthcare are consistently adhering to health and safety regulations. Although the sites may have increased their bin count and/or frequencies to reach this, the waste industry is very weight driven, and two heavy bins may cost more than 3 correctly filled bins. As a result, Waste Check have reduced the groups costs in regards to waste disposal, and now manage the waste for all 53 sites through our contract managers, ensuring they run smoothly and effectively.

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