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Environmental Policy.

The Environmental Policy of Waste Check Limited is set by the Board of Directors of the company. The Environmental Policy forms the foundation of the Environmental Management System of the company.

  1. The company will plan all its activities, which may have a significant effect on the environment, in line with its EMS.
  2. The company will review this policy annually as part of its EMS.
  3. Health & Safety issues are to be considered as a part of the environment and their effects taken into account in the development and implementation of both policy and procedures.
  4. The company will identify and assess all significant likely environmental effects as a direct or indirect consequence of its operational or planned activities, ensuring the safe and acceptable treatment and disposal of waste, minimising the release of contamination to air, water and land.
  5. When planning new facilities or services, the company will identify and consider alternative waste management options, including the investigation and encouragement for minimisation and recycling of waste at source, or through Material Recycling Facilities as opposed to landfill.
  6. The company will consider any request or suggestion from the public with respect to the environmental impact of its activities. The environmental policy will be available to view on request.
  7. Environmental performance targets will be set, taking into account best industry practice and any anticipatory approach to environmental issues. The company will aim for continuing environmental improvement in excess of legislative requirements.
  8. The company will ensure that all employees are aware of the environmental aims and objectives of the company and are given sufficient training and resources to enable them to meet those aims and objectives which apply to their job. All employees will be actively encouraged to make suggestions towards improving the EMS system.
  9. The company will maintain efficient plant, equipment and vehicle fleet and identify where appropriate, the best environmental option when procuring new or replacement items.

Management Control

Management of the environmental impacts of the company is implemented through the EMS via the Directors and each employee is empowered with the responsibility of ensuring the EMS is considered when each waste management operation is undertaken. The EMS is audited on an on going basis

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