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Chemical Waste Disposal… Return Visit

After our previous blog post regarding Safe Chemical Disposal, Waste Check were called back by the member of public to list, photograph and organise removal of the chemical items at our customers request. After the sad passing of her husband, the first time we visited, our customer still felt it was a sensitive time and wanted to postpone the removal for a few weeks.


Upon return, Waste Check’s Hazardous & Chemical waste representative found 70+ bottles of chemicals – some with identification and some in unmarked bottles. A chemist attended site with our representative to ensure every item was correctly and professionally identified (some pictured below).



Once identified, the chemicals were then safely transported and disposed of by our dedicated specialist transport team. Our customer was happy with the teams compassionate understanding of the situation in hand and thanked Waste Check’s representative for his time and professionalism.


If you have any chemicals that need to be safely collected / transported and disposed of, please do give Waste Check a call on 01527 877500 or email us on

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